Many taxpayers are frightened, confused, and don’t know where to turn.

IRS problems are serious business

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The Schlichting Group has been in business since 1990. Thanks to our team of knowledgable professionals and expert negotiating skills, we protect your rights and solve IRS problems.

In addition, we prepare tax returns for individual wage earners, sole proprietors, corporations, LLC, LLP, S-Corp, trusts, franchise tax, etc… We can handle any filing needs you may require.

It’s easy to get started thanks to our proven, step-by-step process:

  • Contact The Schlichting Group for a free consultation.
  • Confidential interview with customized action plan.
  • Decide to engage The Schlichting Group and sign our retainer agreement.
  • Sign and return a Power of Attorney (form 2848) authorization.
  • The Schlichting Group sends you a list of materials to provide us.
  • We act on your behalf and handle the negotiations; preparing tax returns as needed.

From our clients

Spreading payments over time

Challenge: I failed to file tax returns for four years. When the IRS contacted me, it claimed that I owed thousands in back taxes.


Solution: In just two weeks, The Schlichting Group had prepared and filed my tax returns. They also negotiated a payment plan – even before the IRS had examined my returns.


Results: I was able to pay off my taxes over time. Plus, the entire matter was handled quickly, letting me move on with my life.

Settling for less than we owed

Challenge: We did not file our personal tax returns for eight years. Both self-employed, we had minimal records. The IRS sent us a warning letter. When we filed our returns, we owed more than $325,000, including penalties and interest.

Solution: We called The Schlichting Group. They immediately started negotiations with the IRS.

Results: After extensive negotiations, the IRS accepted just $24,449 to pay off our back taxes.

Saving thousands for a troubled taxpayer

Challenge: After failing to pay estimated taxes for several years, I owed the IRS more than $50,000.

Solution: The Schlichting Group negotiated with the IRS. They also helped me get current with my estimated payments.

Results: My debt was reduced from $50,000 to $4,000. And thanks to The Schlichting Group’s help, I will never be faced with this problem again.

Protecting an innocent spouse

Challenge: As a CPA, I carefully filed my own tax return each year. After I married my husband, he informed me that he had not filed a tax return in 12 years.

Solution: I called The Schlichting Group. Together, we filed a post-nuptial agreement, which protected my personal assets from the IRS. The Schlichting Group then went to work resolving my husband’s $83,000 tax debt.

Results: After negotiations with the IRS, my husband owed only $6,000. Best of all, the retirement savings I worked to accumulate before we got married are safe.

Promoting the financial – and physical – health of our clients

Challenge: As a self-employed business owner, I struggled for years to build my business. As a result, all of my available funds were tied up in the company, and I neglected to pay my income taxes. I owed the IRS $96,000. I tried to resolve the problem on my own, but the stress began taking a toll on my health.

Solution: The Schlichting Group took on my case and began negotiations with the IRS.

Results: I was able to fully resolve my $96,000 debt for $700. Even more importantly, I got my life back.

Paying off a multi-year tax bill

Challenge: Over a period of 11 years, I racked up a tax bill of about $650,000.

Solution: The Schlichting Group took on my case. They kept the IRS at bay and started negotiations.

Results: The IRS accepted an offer in compromise. They took the equity in my home, which was $93,000, and absolved me of any remaining debts.

Making my payment plans more affordable

Challenge: I did not file tax returns or make tax payments for several years. The IRS came after me, claiming I owed thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Solution: The Schlichting Group quickly prepared and filed my outstanding tax returns. Because I owed so much money, they worked to negotiate a payment plan I could keep up with.

Results: After extensive, high-level negotiations, the IRS agreed to let me pay off my taxes over a nine-year period. Thanks to The Schlichting Group, I am paying off my back taxes in a way I can afford.

Kissing expensive IRS penalties goodbye

Kissing expensive IRS penalties goodbye

Challenge: Because of financial circumstances beyond my control, my software development company was forced to make delinquent payroll tax deposits for two quarters. The IRS assessed penalties of almost $17,000.

Solution: The Schlichting Group presented my case before the IRS.

Result: Thanks to their convincing arguments and tough negotiations, The Schlichting Group was successful at getting the penalties removed.

Filing returns – even without the records

Filing returns – even without the records

Challenge: My wife passed away suddenly, and my life was in extreme disarray. When I went to my wife’s office to pick up her belongings, I was shocked to discover that all of our personal records had been thrown away shortly after her death. Soon after, I received a letter from the IRS complaining that I had not filed my latest tax return. Although I remembered mailing it myself, the copies and all supporting documentation had been thrown away.

Solution: One meeting with Jay Schlichting allayed all of my fears. The Schlichting Group created a tax return the IRS would accept, even though I didn’t have any records.

Result: I am totally out of IRS trouble. In fact, I plan to have The Schlichting Group file my personal tax returns every year.

Fighting for a fair payment plan

Fighting for a fair payment plan

Challenge: I wanted to give the IRS the taxes that I owed. But some large medical expenses made it impossible for me to pay. At first, the IRS said it would accept an installment agreement with low payments I could afford. Then suddenly, the IRS changed its mind. They refused to consider my medical expenses and demanded much higher payments.

Solution: The Schlichting Group appealed the decision, asking that the IRS once again take my medical expenses into account when calculating my payment agreement. The IRS did not respond for six months. The Schlichting Group then filed a Taxpayer Assistance Order. Through the Taxpayer Advocate’s office, The Schlichting Group reached an IRS regional director.

Results: The regional director overturned the IRS rejection. As a result, they accepted my original payment agreement. Since it spans seven years, I can afford my monthly payments.


The Schlichting Group has been in business for twenty years. We work dilligently to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

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