IRS Representation

IRSREP2Appeals Conferences

Virtually all IRS decisions can be appealed to a higher authority. These include:

  • Examination changes
  • Offers in compromise
  • Penalty abatements
  • Audit results
  • Rejections of installment agreements

But there is a catch: at appeals conferences, the IRS sends in its best-trained personnel. These heavy hitters meet their match with The Schlichting Group. We make it a point to know how every division of the IRS works. This know-how translates into a better chance that appeals officers will see things your way.

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Audit Representation

Few situations are more stressful than an IRS audit. The Schlichting Group can relieve your concerns. We know the tax code just as well as the IRS, which levels the playing field for our clients.

We take on every challenge:

  • Helping clients create alternative documentation
  • Filling out paperwork
  • Submitting forms
  • Corresponding with the IRS, verbally and in writing

In the end, our clients pay a negligible fee in comparison with the protection and savings we provide.

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Wage Levy Releases

Wage levies can make it difficult for you to meet pressing financial obligations. That’s why The Schlichting Group helps clients negotiate other payment terms and get wage levies released. Let us show you a better solution.

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Bank Levy Releases

If the IRS has put a levy on your bank account, you need help. Let The Schlichting Group assess your situation and put together a resolution plan. By explaining hardships and other factors to the IRS, we can try to negotiate a release of the levy.

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Installment Agreements

Repaying delinquent taxes shouldn’t make your life miserable. The Schlichting Group will negotiate with the IRS to create an installment plan, making your financial life manageable.

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Offers in Compromise

The Schlichting Group has saved clients millions of dollars through the IRS offer in compromise program.   The IRS under certain circumstances, will accept less than what the taxpayer owes to satisfy their tax liability.

The Offer in Compromise is a wonderful option when it fits.  It is the fitting part that can be very difficult.  In 2010  the IRS settled for less than the full amount of what the taxpayers owed in a little less 14,000 cases.  With the U.S. Population pushing 350 million, that 14,000 is close to being a needle in a haystack.

Our staffs years of experience and knowledge allows us to review and interpret your financials and see if you fit into the program or if there is something allowable that helps you fit into the Offer in Compromise program.  The Schlichting Group loves the OIC program when it is a fit.

If your arent a candidate for the program, we will tell you up front that you dont fit and what other options are available for your sitiuation.

Any practioner that quotes you or tries to tell you that you are a candidate for a successful offer in compromise upfront before getting elbow deep in reviewing your financials is 99.999%  full of B.S.  You have a better chance to win the lotto.  Get up and run out of their office.

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Penalty Abatements

Has the IRS slapped you with penalties and interest because of circumstances out of your control? In many cases, expensive penalties are dropped by the IRS when reasonable cause is shown. Tell us about your case. We can help.

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Currently Not Collectible

If you owe back taxes due to unfiled income taxes or a delinquent tax debt and your financial resources are compromised, we can get the IRS to leave you alone and stop collection efforts for 18 months if you call us now. If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise and you cannot afford an Installment Agreement due to financial hardship, we can have your back tax debt placed in a Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC) by the IRS. If you need help and feel like your financial future is under siege, contact us today.

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The process of having your back tax debt placed on the Currently Not Collectible status involves the handling of precise paperwork and an effective knowledge of IRS rules and regulations. With a trusted history of tax relief experience, we are your most reliable resource for achieving a CNC resolution to your tax crisis.

The decision to place an account in CNC status is usually based upon examination by a Revenue Officer of your up-to-date Collection Information Statement (CIS). In addition, your health and your age are taken into account when the decision is being made. If the Revenue Officer believes collection efforts will be successful in the future, an IRS lien due to the unfiled income taxes or a delinquent tax debt will be filed against you before an account is officially declared Currently Not Collectible.



Are you considering bankruptcy? Whether or not it’s the best solution for your financial situation, The Schlichting Group can help.

For clients filing bankruptcy, we:

  • Work in concert with your bankruptcy attorney
  • File tax returns
  • Determine when it is premature for taxes to be discharged

For clients unsure about bankruptcy, we:

  • Explain how the timing may or may not result in discharging tax liability
  • Explain how bankruptcy will affect your credit
  • Determine whether taxes will be discharged upon filing for bankruptcy

Update: The 5th circuit court set a new precident in early 2012 that for a tax return to be dischargeable in a bankruptcy it must have been completed and filed on time or within the extension period.  Any tax return filed even one day late, negates its dischargeabilty in bankruptcy. (The Schlichting Group is not Bankruptcy Attorneys,  A bankruptcy attorney should be consulted for verification of data)

See our page of recommended knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorneys (pending)

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